April 27th at Western Wayne

Rookie​ Skeet

1st Place Squad - Trap

Wyatt Blatchford         67

Mason Fields              70

Easton Magnusson     54

L to R: Mason F. (Rookie), Wyatt B. (Rookie),

Jolene L. (Rookie), Easton M. (Rookie)

Isaac Hughes              82

Preston Lanehart        92

Eli Lobbestael             74

​Chance Lowery           90

Logan Luckhardt         81​

I/E Skeet

Jake Blatchford           77

Tyler Chatell                77

Wyatt Fields                69

​Austin Pomorski          79

Jeremy Wright             74​

Intermediate/Advanced Squad - 1st Place 
L to R: Tyler C., Wyatt F., Lilli H., Jeremy W., Jake B.


S/V Sporting Clays

S/V Skeet

2019 SE Conference Skeet & Sporting Clays Championships

May 18, 2019

Preston L. High Overall - Skeet


Griffin H. shot High Over All in the

Intermediate/ Entry Level Division with a 94 !

I/E Sporting Clays

2nd Place Squad - Trap

Preston L. High Overall - JV

I/A Skeet


Preston L. took 1st Place/High Over All in the JV Division with a 25 straight in a shoot-off!

2019 Southern Conference Trap Championship

May 4th @ Mason Trap Shooting Assoc.

Congratulations to Preston Lanehart for another 25 straight in Skeet!

Mason F. is all smiles...

He shot his best scores today earning him a pair of new glasses from his older brother Ryan F.

Way to go Mason!  And how nice of Ryan!


Griffin H. and Chance L. for shooting 25's!

And Preston L. for a 25 in the shoot off!

Well done!

Griffin Howe                87

Parker Lanehart          77

Austin Leonard            55

​Trent Line                    83

​Malic Magnusson        84

Nathan Meyer             69

Sean Sayer                 60

Griffin Howe                90

Parker Lanehart          73

Austin Leonard            66

​Trent Line                    77

​Malic Magnusson        83

Nathan Meyer             67

Sean Sayer                 55

Our first shoot of the 2019 season was held at Multi Lakes and it was a wet one!

Our team persevered and came away with several medals.

Congratulations to Jake B. for shooting his first 25 straight!


Mason F. 1st Rookie

Parker L. 3rd IE

Malic M. 1st IE

Jake B. 3rd IA

Preston L. 1st JV

Chance L. 3rd V

TRAP (High Gun)

Mason F. 1st Rookie

Evan S. 2nd Rookie

Wyatt B. 3rd Rookie

Griffin H. 1st IE

Parker L. 3rd IE

Jake B. 1st IA

Austin P. 2nd IA

JeremyW. 3rd JV

Nick M. 3rd JV

Isaac H. 1st V

Matt L. 2nd V

Chance L. V


Mason F. • Easton M. • Wyatt B. 1st Rookie

Sean S. • Trent L. • Nathan M. 2nd IE

Griffin H. • Malic M. • Parker L. 1st IA

Wyatt F. • Jake B. • Austin P. 1st IA

Chance L. • Eli L. • Logan L. 1st V

TRAP (Team)

Mason F. • Jolene L. • Easton M. • Wyatt B. • Evan S. 1st Rookie

Griffin H. • Trent L. • Malic M. • Parker L. • Nathan M. 1st Rookie

Wyatt F. • Austin P. • Jeremy W. • Ty C. • Jake B. 1st IA

Chance L. • Eli L. • Logan L. • Matt L. • Isaac H. 1st V

Wyatt Blatchford         49

Mason Fields              48

Easton Magnusson     58

Intermediate/Entry Level - 2nd Place ​Over All.

​L to R: Trent L., Griffin H., Austin L., Parker L., Malic M.

Good job boys!

Isaac Hughes              73

Preston Lanehart        91

Eli Lobbestael             79

​Chance Lowery           93

Logan Luckhardt         89​

Rookie​ Sporting Clays

Griffin H. High Overall - Skeet

I/A Sporting Clays


Parker L., Griffin H., Lilli H., Preston L.

L to R: Chance L. (Sr./V), Eli L. (Sr./V), Preston L. (Sr./JV),

Jake B. (Intermediate/Advanced), Logan L. (Sr./V)

Jake Blatchford           77

Tyler Chatell                74

Wyatt Fields                62

​Austin Pomorski          61

Jeremy Wright             84​

1st Place Squad - Skeet