Manchester Young Guns Vs. Washtenaw County Sheriff   (August 2016) 
Manchester Young Guns took on the officers of the Washtenaw County Sheriff 
department and took home the award plaque once again. We had a very good 
turn out this year with many shooters, families, and the Sheriff deputies. Good 
job everyone and shooters!

Manchester Young Guns 121 vs Washtenaw County Sheriff 112

Detroit Sportmans Club Fun Shoot Results 5/16/2015 (50 Bird Shoot)
Top 3- All Teams-Squad-Senior/Jr. Varsity
1.  Fudd Duster JV         Total Score 171
2.  Manchester JV          Total Score 166
3.  Harper Creek JV       Total Score 157

*JV Squad was Ryan Fields, Colten Brown, Lillian St. Charles, Evan Sheats and Austin Wolverton

Ida/Dundee/Manchester Spirit Jug Competition 5/31/2015 (100 Bird Shoot)
1.  Ida               Total Score 417
2.  Manchester  Total Score 391
2.  Dundee        Total Score 391

*Manchester Squad was Nick Schmidt, Logen Alexa, Evan Sheats, Brayden Hayes and Ryan Fields.  Ryan Fields shot 25 straight at this event.

Manistique Fun Shoot 6/20/2015 (100 Bird Shoot)
Top 3- All Teams-Squad-Senior/Varsity
1.  Harper Creek Varsity      Total Score 434
2.  Manchester Varsity         Total Score 433
3.  Marshall Varsity              Total Score 409

Top 3- All Teams-Squad-Open
1.  5 Delta County Crushers       Total Score 389
2.  4 Marshall shooters
     1 Fudd Duster Shooter          Total Score  362
3.  3 Manchester Shooters
     1 Harper Creek Shooter         Total Score 313

*Varsity Squad was Nick Schmidt, Isaac Eversole, Logen Alexa, Daniel Reeves, Evan Trott.  Open Squad was Ryan Fields, Colten Brown, Evan Sheats.

State Competition Shoot 6/28/2015 (100 Bird Shoot)
Top 3-All Teams-Squad-Senior/Junior Varsity
1.  Dundee High School JV            Total Score 413
2.  Fudd Duster JV                        Total Score 396
3.  Manchester JV                       Total Score 377

Top 3-High School-Squad-All
1.  Harper Creek Varsity    Total Score 455
2.  Marshall Clay Varsity   Total Score 440
3.  Manchester Varsity       Total Score 429

*JV squad was Colten Brown, Ryan Fields, Evan Sheats, Lillian St. Charles, Austin Wolverton.  Varsity squad was Logen Alexa, Isaac Eversole, Daniel Reeves, 
Nickalis Schmidt, Evan Trott.  Open Squad was Cullen Armstrong, Brayden Hayes, Logan Luckhardt.

National Competition (Sparta, Illinois) 7/17/2015 & 7/18/2015 (200 Bird Shoot)
Top 5-All Teams-Squad-Senior/Varsity
1.  Buckeye Chippewa              Total Score 982
2.  Team Henges                     Total Score 977
3.  Branson Trap                     Total Score 974

There were 119 Senior Varsity Squads shooting at Nationals this year, Manchester placed 95th with a total score of

*Varsity Squad was Isaac Eversole, Daniel Reeves, Ryan Fields, Nickalis Schmidt and Logen Alexa.  Nickalis Schmidt shot a 50 straight and earned his MTA 50 straight patch, he also
shot two additional 25 straight.